Balasinor (also referred to as Vadasinor) is a town located in the Kheda district, in Gujrat, India. Formerly a princely state of the Babi (Yusufzai Pathan) dynasty, it was created in 28 Sep 1758 out of the Junagadh Babis.


Balasinor is located at 22.95 E 73.33 E, on the Gujrat State Highway Number 2 having a total area of 490 sq. Km.


As of the 2001 Indian Census, Balasinor had a population of 33,704, literacy rate of 70.5% and a ratio of 940 women for every 1000 men. 12.6% of the population was between the age of 0 to 6. A large section of the population has migrated to cities since India's independence. According to Chamber;s Concise Gazetteer Of The World from 1914, the population of Balasinor town was approximately 9,000 at the time.

India's Jurassic Park

In the early 1980's, palaeontologists stumbled upon dinosaur bones and fossils during a regular geological survey of this mineral-rich area. The find sent ripples of excitement through neighbouring villages and many residents picked up fossillised eggs, brought them home and worshipped them. Since the excavations have thrown up a veritable trove of dinosaur remain-eggs, bones, a skeleton which is now kept in a Calcutta (Kolkata) museum-bringing hordes of scientists and tourists to the place.

Pathans of Gujrat

Gujarati Pathans are of group of Pathans. At various times in history, large number of Pashtuns have settled in the region of Gujrat. They now form a distinct community of Gujrati speaking Muslims. They speak Gujrati, with many Urdu loanwords.

Founded in the 18th century, a Second class State in the Rewa Kantha agency. The family of this State had descended from Sardar Mohammad Khan, fourth in descent from Sher Khan Babi I, who was made "BABI" (Door Keeper) of the Imperial Court. Sher Khan was subsequently commandant of the Koli District of Chunwal, northwest of Ahmedabad. The current nawab is HH Nawab Babi Shri Muhammed Salabat Khanji II.

Nawabs of Babi Dynasty

  • 1735 - 1758 : Mohammad Bahadur Khanji I
  • 1758 - 1775 : Mohammad Mahabat Khanji I
  • 1775 - 1811 : Mohammad Hamid Khanji I
  • 1811 - 1840 : Mohammad Bahadur Khanji II
  • 1840 - 1851 : Mohammad Hamid Khanji II
  • 1851 - 1882 : Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II
  • 1882 - 1892 : MOhammad Bahadur Khanji III
  • 1892 - 1911 : Mohammad Rasul Khanji
  • 1911 - 1948 : Mohammad Mahabat Khanji III