History of Cricket

Shree Balasinor Navyuvak Sangh Cricket (BNS Cricket), started in the year 1965. The last series was held in the month of May, 1999. The tournament starts in the month of October every year, depending upon the availability of the ground and the playing conditions.

Four things to be know about BNS Cricket :

BNS Cricket

"BNS Cricket" starts with the conveyor who is appointed by the BNS managing committee, the conveyor makes his own sub-committee. Collection of the forms with a nominal amount for playing matches, booking of grounds (Wilson College Gymkhana, Parsee Gymkhana, Hind Gymkhana, Islam Gymkhana, GMC Ground, Western Railway playground, Purandare Ground, Azad Maidan, Oval Maidan or Cross Maidan), where ever application is passed, selecting the team groups and team captains, dividing no. of forms in to equal team, distribution of ground to groups and matches, making co-ordination like police permission, snacks and lunch, tea-coffee, biscuits and mineral water during the matches. To appoint a manager and team captain, Vice captain and co-ordinator with BNS Mumbai team and local team of Balasinor. Whenever BNS teams goes to mative place for playing matches or wherever the local teams of Balasinor invited to play at Mumbai. Apart from conveyor, the team manager and team captain plays important role on the ground and off the ground. The managing committee passes a budget every year apart from the revenue of forms and then the tournament is been played. Again the teams reaching semi-finals and finals will contribute of their respective matches. The audited A/c had been given after the completion of tournament by the cricket conveyor to the managing committee.

Local tournaments at Mumbai

This tournaments started in 1965. Almost about more than 550 players must have participated till the end of 1998-99 series. In 1991-92 when BNS cricket celebrated its Silver Jubilee Year the local tournament was given name by the donor (Rs. 51000/- by the family member of Smt. Kamlaben Manilal Mody) as 'Jansathi trophy' in the loving name of 'Shri Natukaka Mody - Jansathi'. The so called local tournament then and Jansathi Trophy cricket tournament now since 1991-92 played with rules and regulation framed by the cricket committee. Towards the statics no figures are available as far as matches played and results, but we have players from 1960, 1970's, 80's, 90's and now towards new millennium like Mahendrabhai Sheth, Prafulbhai Dharia, C.K. Desai, Kirtibhai Mody, Prakash Parikh, Paresh Patel, Kartik Kadakia, Rohit Kadakia, Mukesh Sheth, Nikhil P. Desai, Bipin Gandhi, Dhiru Sheth, Gopal Sheth, Vinit R. Mody, Rakesh Dharia (Baki), Praful and Rajesh Dharia, Paresh R. Parikh, Sanjeev Dharia, Rupin Kadakia, Sameer C. Desai, Sameer R. Desai, Sandeep Dharia, Nevil Shah, Mitesh Dharia, Nitin P. Gandhi, Kailash Sheth, Sunil P. Kadakia (Bera), Umesh Desai, Bharat Mody, Shailesh Parikh, Jitendra Shah, Pankaj Kadakia, Nitin Bengali, Sanjay Mody, Rupesh Dharia, Nitin Desai, Satish Lakdawalla, Ashish Kadakia, Tushar Kadakia, Hitesh Shah, Vishal Shah, Shilen Kadakia, Kamlesh Mody, Chirag Desai, Nilesh Mody, Rajesh and Sanjay Mehta, Jatin Desai, Girish Parikh, Mayur Parikh, Sachin Parikh (Bakhli), Nitin Parikh, Raju Parikh, Jatin S. Dharia and many more were the key players of the local tournament After the introduction of 'Jansathi trophy' the local tournament is being played with lots of competitive interest, as the winner captain's name is embedded on the trophy. Winning team captains name from 1992-93 Sanjay K. Mody's team 1993-94 Suketu N. Parikh team 1994-95 Milesh V. Desai team 1995-96 Bhavik A Parikh team 1996-97 Sanjeev K. Dharia team 1997-98 Vishal S. Shah team 1998-99 Anand B. Shroff team.


This series started in March 1969 under the able captaincy of Shri Mahendra Lalchand Sheth and till today all together 26 series have been played. This series has involved the best cricketers from BNS local tournament who have been given "caps" (known as test caps for our BNS) that figure must have reached to around 100 now. Winning the series was important whether it was in mumbai or in Balasinor SERIES. Earlier there was series of majority of 5 matches, but due to time, increased business activity and study concept it reduced to 4 match series from year 1993-94. From 1969 till 1999 we have played series match against "Babi team" and there was "Babi Shield" introduced in 1969 with the condition of playing that whichever team wins the match consecutively for 3 years will retain the shield. And as per this condition "BNS team won the matches consecutively from 1990-1991-1992 and retain the shield. In the year 1999 "BNS-Lalkha" rotating cricket trophy was introduced to be played bet. BNS Mumbai team and local teams of Balasinor by Shri Dilip M. Dharia Lalkha who gave donation of Rs. 111111-00 (Rs. One lac eleven thousand and eleven only) with the playing rules that whichever team wins the series will retain the trophy, In case of a tie series the team which has won earlier series will retain the trophy and will continue till the cricket bet this 2 opponents will be played. At BNS we have cricketers who have played the test series whether Batsman, Bowler, Wicketkeeper, Captain, Umpire, Scorer, Manager, Conveyor or BNS board member have enjoyed on the field and off the field wicket throughout these years, specially at native place Balasinor because of the Hospitality of Balasinorian at Balasinor like Shri Netukaka, Shri Sarabat Khan Babi, Shri Asif Patel, shri Kirtibhai Mody and many more. The enjoyment on the field of watching the close context bet 2 teams by spectators with fafda Khachori, tea-coffee, lemon soda, ice cream, chaniya bor, masala-guava, papdi and paan and giving encouragement to players by time to time announcement of several prizes in different categories. The performance by our team from 1969 till 1999 Jan. was overwhelming as we have won more matches than opponents till 91-92 and almost square the series from 1992 till 1999. The leading batsmen and leading bowlers who have played & perform for BNS is really eye catching. Records are made to be broken over the period of time.

Single wicket cricket tournament

Single wicket cricket tournament was introduced in the year 1991-92 during the Silver Jubilee celebration of cricket of BNS. At that time Shri Muljibhai Chandulal Dharia Lalkha gave a donation of Rs. 31000/- (Rs. Thirty one thousand only) and the trophy was named after him as "Lalkha Trophy" single wicket Cricket tournament. This trophy is won by following players since its introduction in year 1991-92.

  • 91-92 Shri. Hitesh N. Shah
  • 92-93 Shri. Samir C. Desai
  • 93-94 Shri. Samir C. Desai
  • 94-95 Shri. Sanjeev K. Dharia
  • 95-96 Shri. Shramik J. Shah
  • 96-97 Shri. Nihar A. Kadakia
  • 97-98 Shri. Sandip K. Dharia
  • 98-99 Shri. Sandip K. Dharia

This web site is introduced on the golden jubilee year's cricketer's get to gether function on 9-1-2000 Sunday and was made open by President of BNS Shri Sunil P. Kadakia

Facts & figures compiled by conveyor Shri Paresh R. Parikh and its members of the cricket.